Can cleric use aura of vitality?

Can cleric use aura of vitality?

A 17 level life cleric with aura of vitality can heal 170 hitpoints… from a 3rd level spell. In 1 minute. WHILE also healing themself for the same amount. Compare it to Prayer of Healing (granted Prayer of Healing is only 2nd level).

How good is aura of vitality?

Aura of Vitality is a 3rd level paladin spell that lets you heal 2d6 as a bonus action for up to a minute. 20d6 of healing for a 3rd level spell slot is pretty good, even when it comes over the course of a minute.

Can you be a healer in DND?

Even if no one turns out to be a criminal, and maybe that’s why characters based on healing their allies, called healers, are a much better addition to most adventure games. Contrary to most players’ beliefs, healers are always one of the scariest types of characters that can be played.

Are druids good healers 5e?

All druids are very powerful healers, especially with the new magic of the healing spirit. But Dreams is the best for general recovery, Guardian for Recovery is a duel with the boss, where you burn all the resources and the earth is doing well only thanks to Natural Recovery.

What is the interaction between the aura of vitality spell?

What is the interaction between the spelling Aura of Vitality and the Blessed Healer feature of the Spiritual Life Domain? The Life Domain Student or Life Clerk section works on every spell you use to bring creatures back to life, so I know it works with the Aura of Vitality to heal 2k6 5 as an action bonus:

Which is better aura of vitality or cleric healing?

The aura of vitality is very strong outside the battle. In addition, it should be noted that UA class variants also give a show on Clerics. For most paladins, level 3 slots are open out of a desire to hit. So it’s very good.

Can you heal a creature with aura of vitality?

Am I correct that using the action bonus to heal a creature with the Aura of Vitality spell only activates the Student of Life, not the Blessed Healer? If I make a mistake, can I regain 5 HP each time I heal someone with the aura of Vitality?

How does the life domain cleric’s disciple of life work?

The Life Domain Spirit Disciple of Life feature works with every spell you use to restore creatures’ lives, so I know it works with the Aura of Vitality for Healing 2k6 5 as a bonus action: Even from Level 1, your healing spells are more effective.

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