How long does it take stockx to ship?

How long does it take stockx to ship?

StockX strives to complete all orders within 7-12 business days, (does not include weekends and holidays), however, most orders are processed immediately. Delivery times vary depending on how quickly the seller sends us the goods for confirmation.

Why does StockX take so long shipping?

StockX is experiencing delays in shipping and authenticating as well as in payouts for buyers and sellers. The company confirmed on its website that shipments could be delayed for two to three weeks because of high demand and COVID-19 headwinds.

How can I get StockX to ship faster?

We do not have the capability to add expedited shipping at this time. We will continue to do everything in our power to authenticate and fulfill your order as quickly as possible.

Can you get scammed on StockX?

Now with StockX, you’re guaranteed that the goods you purchase are 100% verified authentic, never fake.

What happens if StockX doesn’t ship?

Your account may be subject to a penalty if you do not ship the item within the specified time (usually two business days), or if you sell and ship an item to StockX an item that does not meet our condition guidelines. and / or is not true or does not exactly match the item as described by StockX in any way.

Which ship is faster StockX or goat?

depending on how soon the seller ships and where they’re located relative to them it would take 1-3 days for the seller to ship. 2-3 days to arrive to GOAT/Stockx, 2-3 days to legitcheck/process.

Is StockX cheaper than goat?

How reliable is StockX?

Payment is only released when the goods are verified to be authentic. The service strives to be reliable, authentic, and transparent.

How much is StockX fast shipping?

For $29.95, “Xpress Buy” could let buyers get their pairs in just two business days. Sneaker buyers on StockX could soon start getting pairs delivered in a faster way, for a fee.

Does StockX use FedEx or UPS?

We ship with DHL, ECMS, FedEx, SF Express,T-Force, and UPS, depending on your location. 

Can I cancel a pending order on StockX?

Once a sale has occurred, your Ask or Bid cannot be cancelled. This policy serves to maintain market integrity because we must ensure that every supply and demand is real, active, and reliable.

Does StockX return?

Due to the anonymous nature of our live market, we are unable to offer returns, exchanges or swaps – including if you ordered the wrong size. The good news is you can always resell with us if you no longer want your item.

Do I get my money back if the seller doesn’t ship StockX?

If something happens and your goods are not delivered within a reasonable time, we will try to find others at no additional cost. If we are unable to do so we will provide you with a full refund, which is typically processed in 3-5 business days to the original payment method used.

Why is GOAT more expensive than StockX?

The goat is very similar, but you can also buy used and new with defects. Goat only sells sneakers, while Stockx sells various items. In the end, one is no better than the other, they both have their faults, but in the end, it’s all personal preference. Of course it’s worth it!

How long does stockx take to deliver?

StockX tries to process all orders within 7-12 business days (except weekends and holidays), however most orders are ready immediately. Delivery times vary depending on how quickly the seller sends us the goods for confirmation.

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