How old is Yoonbum?

How old is Yoonbum?

We know that Sangwoo is 20, and he said that Yoonbum is 4 years older than him, so Yoonbum is 23-25.

How much older is Yoonbum than Sangwoo?

Bum is small for his age, measures more than 160 cm, and has a youthful and boyish face (Being called someone’s “Baby Brother” once and a kid sometimes), easily looking as if he just got into middle or high school even though he’s his late twenties, being 4 years older than Sangwoo.

What age is Sangwoo?

We have already said that Sangwoo is 20.

What is Sangwoo’s birthday?

Another Spanish site claims that Sangwoo is a Leo, born on July 24.

What is Sangwoo’s height?

Sangwoo seems to be a few cm shorter than Seungbae, so I’d put him at 183 cm.

Can a 12 year old Read killing stalking?

No, it is not appropriate for 12-year-olds. It contains gore, sexual themes, rape, and abuse.

Does Sangwoo and Yoonbum die?

YOON BUM’S TRUE DEAD He dies after the Sangwoo vision, which is exactly what brought him all the chaos in the first place. The rescuer of Yoon bum is Sangwoo. It is fair that Sangwoo was also the cause of his death. After all, after Bum, it was Sangwoo who saved him when no one else could.

Who killed Yoonbum?


Who is Sangwoo’s mom?

Eunseo is the mother of Oh Sangwoo, the secondary Protagonist and primary Antagonist of Killing Stalking.

Did Sangwoo kill his mom?

It is the same exact wound Sangwoo gave to Bum, because he was not able or not willing to kill him. Then, she came back to the house for whatever reason (to kill him or to apologize) and Sangwoo finally killed her… or he trapped her in the wall ALIVE!

Why did Sangwoo let go of the picture?

Sangwoo thinks about something and mentions that it’s not good for Bum to trust him, and it looks like he was about to release a picture of her when Bum called him and we got a nice picture.

Did Sangwoo let go of the picture?

He took this aggression into the picture because he didn’t understand what Bum saw in their relationship when he looked at it. Apparently, that’s why he didn’t publish the photo in the end, even though he planned it.

Is Sangwoo a psychopath?

However, these traits mask his true psychopathic, violent and sadistic traits. Sangwoo is, in fact, a cruel and ruthless individual who abducts, abuses, tortures, rapes and kills people and never shows mercy to his victims or regrets any of his actions.

How old is Sangwoo from killing stalking?

In the first case Sangwoo is 21 (22) in 2014, or he’s 22 (23) if he was born in 1992.

What chapter of killing stalking does bum cut himself?

chapter 30

Is Sangwoo Korean?

Sang-woo is a Korean masculine given name.

What is Sangwoo’s relationship with his mom?

Sangwoo’s mother acted as a protector, shielding him from the threat of his abusive father. But we’ve also seen in the nightmare her being completely withdrawn from Sangwoo. And Sangwoo has imagined her screaming at him, banging at his door, and her comparing him to his father.

Is Sangwoo an Aquarius?

This blog would be all about our psychotic character Oh Sangwoo from Killing Stalking. He is one of the male leads in Killing Stalking, he is in his early 20’s and was born January 27th. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

How long was bum with Sangwoo?

Conclusion: Bum has been a captive somewhere between 8 and 12 weeks as of chapter 14, and between 9 and 15 weeks as of chapter 17.

How did Sangwoo’s house catch on fire?

Ultimately, there comes a time when Seungbae has no other option but to kill Sangwoo himself. And so, he sets his house on fire due to which Sanwoo suffers from severe burns and gets admitted to a private hospital. During Sangwoo’s stay at the hospital, Bum struggles to keep his distance from his abusive lover.

What is wrong with Sangwoo?

Sangwoo has suffered LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE of those: his mother emotionally manipulated him into constantly feeling scared, they definitely had family difficulties with the affair and the beating, the emotional/sexual abuse is obvious, and he lost his father to his mother.

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