How to delete TikTok stories – 5 Easy Simple Steps to Remove Story

Almost all TikTok users are stuck with the TikTok Stories feature. This is the most exciting feature on TikTok. TikTok works pretty much the same way as other hip social media apps these days. And it has the ability to delete stories you never wanted to upload

So, if you want to delete the accidentally uploaded TikTok story, here we have discussed what you should do.

Read our article first and know the process in detail. Hope this helps to delete your TikTok story.

How to delete TikTok Stories

If you want to delete a story on TikTok it is very easy. Even if you accidentally upload some reels or videos as stories, don’t worry.

But follow our step-by-step steps to delete stories you uploaded by mistake without telling anyone.

Step 1: First, tap the TikTok app icon to launch it. then you can log in to your TikTok account using your login credentials.

Step 2: Tap on your Profile Icon

Once you are on your TikTok home screen, tap on the profile icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to get to your TikTok profile.

Step 3: Tap On Your Profile Picture

Once you are in your profile page, Just tap on your profile picture to view your uploaded story.

Step 4: Tap On Three Dots Icon

When you’re inside your uploaded story, then you can tap on the three dots icon on the right side of the screen.

Step 5: Tap On Delete Option

Now, you can choose the delete option from the options that come up.

After pressing the delete button, you will then see a pop-up message, asking you to choose whether to delete the story or not.

As you want to delete the story, select the Delete option.

With these 5 easy steps, you have permanently deleted your story on TikTok. But if you want to be sure that you deleted the story, refresh your TikTok app and tap your profile icon again.

How to delete TikTok stories – Video Guide


Hope the above article will help you to easily delete a story on TikTok. If you are familiar with the app then you can do it easily. If you want to know more tips on TikTok and other social media platforms, follow this website.


How Do I View TikTok Stories?

Watching stories on TikTok is different from other social media. To see other people’s stories, go to their profile page. Like Instagram and Facebook, TikTok doesn’t display all stories.

How Do I Reply To A Comment Made On My TikTok Story?

You can comment and give feedback on your TikTok stories. If you get comments on stories, you’ll see it in the inbox. Tap Comment and then you can reply.

Can I Still Retrieve A Story I’ve Deleted On The TikTok App?

No, once a TikTok story is deleted, it cannot be recovered. The app does not have an archive feature that stores deleted stories. If you save the story to your device before deleting it, you can get it. There is no other way.

Why Can’t I See TikTok Stories?

If you don’t see the stories, try updating your app and check if your internet connection is working.

How do you add a story on TikTok?

To create a story on TikTok, you can record by clicking the plus icon directly from the app or upload a video from your device. When the video is available on TikTok, edit the story by pressing the red checkmark to post it.

Can I See Who Viewed My TikTok Story?

No, you can’t see who viewed your story on Tiktok. TikTok does not have a feature that allows creators to see who has viewed a story.

Where Are Deleted Stories On TikTok?

Once you delete a story on TikTok, it cannot be recovered. Photos or videos you delete are not saved for you to retrieve. There are no recycle bins.

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