How to Know Someone’s Birthday on Whatsapp

Birthday surprises are certainly welcome because birthdays are special occasions. Did you invite your new friend to celebrate his birthday? But if you are not sure when and what to do for his birthday.

You have his WhatsApp number in your contact list as a record of him. Naturally, you want to know how to know about someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. If you want to find out someone’s birthday using WhatsApp, it is not completely hopeless.

So read this article carefully to know how to find someone’s birthday using WhatsApp.

Can You Find Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp?

When you share a mobile number with someone, WhatsApp lets you chat, share files, and start an audio and video calls. But may need to know their birthday because this kind of information is important for every person. But how do you know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp?

There is no direct way to know someone’s birthday through WhatsApp. You must rely on various hints and techniques to find someone’s birthday.

How To Know Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp

There are many ways to know how to find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. Many people decide to change their status before their birthday as a way to clearly show people on WhatsApp when their birthday will be.

WhatsApp does not offer a birthday reminder feature like Facebook. There are many ways you can know when their birthday is through WhatsApp.

Method 1: Check Their WhatsApp Status Updates

When you friend someone on WhatsApp, you can see their status updates under the “Status” tab. Most people share their birthday moments in their status updates.

To know someone’s birthday you can post a target person with birthday caption on your mutual friends status. When you notice someone posts about their birthday, how do you know it’s their birthday?

When they post themselves, reply with birthday wishes or surprise them in some other way.

Method 2: Check Their About

Some people mention their birthday on their WhatsApp section. So, open someone’s profile and check the description they have written.

Here you can see if they have mentioned their birthday in their profile.

Can check other hints, such as their username for other platforms like Facebook

Method 3: Ask Their Mutual Friends on WhatsApp

If you don’t want to ask a person’s birthday directly, then a direct way to know is to ask any of your mutual friends on WhatsApp. That they know about his friend’s birthday.

You can say the reason is that you want to surprise him by knowing about his birthday.

Hopefully, mutual friends will let you know when the target person’s birthday is.

Method 4: Ask Them Directly

Another way to find out the birthday is to ask the person directly. Knowing a person’s birthday can be a bad reason because they might think you’re not paying attention to them.

Asking directly is the best way you can find out from others because the answers they will give you will be the exact information you are looking for.

Method 5: Find Them on Facebook

If you can’t find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp, you can use other social media platforms to find out about them.

So, copy that person’s WhatsApp number, search using that person’s WhatsApp number or name in Facebook’s search bar.

Once you find their profile, check their About section to find out their birthday. The birthday is placed below the basic information on the person’s profile.


It is possible to know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp by checking their status updates, asking them, asking their close friends or from their other social media platforms.

We have discussed different ways to know how you can know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I know someone’s birthday on WhatsApp?

To know someone’s birthday, keep checking that person’s WhatsApp status for the day they share their birthday details. However you can find out by asking his mutual friends. If not, you can ask the person directly. Moreover, you can find the person on Facebook and identify their birthday details.

How to find someone’s birthday on Google?

To find a person’s birthday directly from Google, search by entering the person’s name and city. Search results sometimes include links to public records or other social media accounts with available information on their birth.

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