How To See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous social media apps and many people use it to follow their friends by their posts and pictures.

If you want to see someone’s recent followers on Instagram then Instagram will show you random followers.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t make it easy to find out who someone recently followed. Let’s see how you can see who someone recently followed on Instagram.

How To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram won’t let you know that someone else has followed you recently. But you can go through their follower list, but it won’t show when they started following the person. Because the list of followers does not show in chronological order.

So, while you can check their followers, you can’t check when they followed or unfollowed a person.

But to be able to check who someone has followed on Instagram recently we have to use third-party sites.

Can Instagram Show You Who You Recently Followed?

Instagram won’t show you who you followed and when. Because your following list is not sorted by date or anything else.

So, it won’t show when you followed someone else’s account. But Instagram allows you to sort your own “followed” list by date, to see which accounts you’ve followed recently.

There is no indication of when you started following someone or when they started following you.

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Best App to See Who Someone Recently Followed on Instagram

You can use third-party sites to check who someone has recently followed on Instagram.

Free App: IGExport

IGExport is a Chrome extension tool that you can use to get reports on someone’s recent followers.

Follow these simple steps to install and use IGExport:

Step 2: Click on the IGExport search result (First Link) that leads to the Chrome Webstore.

Step 1: Open a new tab on your Chrome browser and type “IGExport” on the address bar.

Step 3: After open IGExport on the Chrome Webstore. Head to the page’s right side and select “Add to Chrome.”

Step 4: After clicking “Add to Chrome,” a pop-out window will appear, asking you if you want to add IGExport as a Chrome extension.

Now click “Add extension” and wait for Google to install the IGExport browser extension.

Step 5: Head to the Chrome toolbar and select the “Extensions” button. This appears as a puzzle piece icon.

Step 6: After Clicking the puzzle icon you can see the IGExport extension. Then, click the pushpin icon to pin the IGExport extension to the taskbar.

Step 7: Log into your IG account, head to the search bar and type the username of the person you’re curious who he’s following.

Then, when his account name appears, click on it.

Step 8: After selecting the username on the list of accounts that appear, Copy the username.

Step 9: Select the IGExport extension on the taskbar and paste the username you want to track in the box provided.

Then, select whether you’ll track the person’s followers or followings. Choose “Following.

Step 10: Then, Click on the “Export Following” button for IGExport to generate the report.

The page will then reload, listing the usernames that the IG user follows in chronological order. The ones you’ll see at the top are the most recent followings.

Paid App: Snoopreport

SnoopReport is the best app to see who someone has followed on Instagram recently. This will give you a report of new accounts that a person has followed, the exact day and time. The app also lets them know their favorite posts, publishers, hashtags and daily topics they like.

Follow the steps below to track with Snooreport:

Step 1: Open the “” website on your browser.

Step 2: Now ‘Log in’ button and enter your account credentials.

Step 3: In the Sign up pop-out window that appears, enter the valid email you’re using and create a password for the account.

Then, confirm the password again before you tick the “I agree to Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy” box. after click the Sign Up button.

Step 4: After open the Dashboard page click on the “Add account” button. Then you’ll see pop-out window asking you to buy a subscription.

Click on the Buy Subscription button and choose the plan you’d want to avail yourself of.

After choose the subscription plan click on the Subscribe button after you’ve completed the payment details needed.

Step 5: After setting up your account, select “Add account” again and enter the Instagram username that you want to track.

Then, you have to wait for Snoopreport to prepare the report for you. You’ll find the reports in the dashboard area.

How To See Your Instagram Followings Chronologically?

While Instagram doesn’t let you directly see who someone has recently followed, it’s easy to see who you’ve recently followed. All you need to do to see is:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and click on your profile picture.

Step 2: Tap on the following tab to see a list of your following.

Step 3: Click on the sort icon, which will pop up a menu of three options.

Step 4: Select the Date followed: The latest option.

Step 5: The following list will be sorted chronologically, and you’ll see people you’ve followed recently.


Instagram does not provide a direct way to see who has recently followed. But hope to be able to find recent followers list on Instagram through the above two methods. They show you the detailed activity of the user along with the list of recent Instagram followers of the user.


How Can I See My Boyfriend’s Following List on Instagram?

For your boyfriend’s following list on Instagram, Go to his profile. And Select the Followers tab to see the list.

Is Instagram following in chronological order?

Instagram uses an interaction-based algorithm to sort the following list by default. The app also lets you organize the following list chronologically.

How do I access the Followings list of an Instagram user?

First, You have to type the username on the search bar on the feed page. Click on the account that you found. On the profile page, click the “Followings” button until you see a pop-out window appear with that account’s list of followings.

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