How To View Snapchat Stories Anonymously?

Snapchat is a popular instant messaging and media sharing app that lets you easily talk to friends, send pictures and videos, and the platform also offers chat functions, similar to WhatsApp. But chats on Snaps disappear once viewed.

Snapchat has numerous filters and allows users to share stories with photographs. And when you share a post to your story, it stays up for 24 hours before it disappears. You will see the identity of all visitors throughout the duration of your post.

These are the reasons why Snapchat has indeed become a popular platform among users within a short period of time.

Let’s discuss how to find anonymous Snapchat stories.

What are Snapchat Stories?

Your stories give friends a brief look at what interesting things you’ve done in the past 24 hours Snapchat Stories are similar to Instagram and Facebook Stories in that they stay in your account for 24 hours. After this period, your account is automatically removed.

You can put anything in your Snapchat stories, such as a simple photo from a video or a filtered post.

Is it Possible to View Someone’s Snapchat Without Them Knowing?

There is no such way to view the story directly. But if you want to view Snapchat stories, we have a trick that will help you view a story without them knowing. We have discussed below how you can view any story on Snapchat without informing the user.

How to View Snapchat Stories Without them Knowing

Method 1: Enable Airplane Mode

First we will try using airplane mode to view the story without informing the user. Follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your mobile and log into your account.
  • Tap on the people icon at the bottom of your screen.

  • Refresh your stories page by swiping down on the screen. Refreshing ensures that all the stories are successfully uploaded.
  • Close Snapchat as soon as all stories have loaded and are ready to be viewed.
  • Turn on the Airplane mode on your phone or turn off WiFi and mobile data.
  • Now, go back to the Snapchat app and anonymously view the previously loaded story.
  • After viewing the stories, Turn off the Airplane mode.

Remember that the user view list will not display your username if you view stories with airplane mode turned on.

Method 2: Using a Different Snapchat Account

You can view someone’s Snapchat story by using a Different Snapchat Account. This method is a bit difficult because you have to accept the friend request first.

  • Log in to the new Snapchat account. You can view other people’s stories on Snapchat without them knowing that you’ve created a second account, which doesn’t reveal your personal information.
  • Using a friend’s phone is one way to access someone’s Snapchat stories without them knowing that you’re using their account.3

Method 3: Using Snap Map To View Someone Snapchat Stories

This is one of the coolest ways to view anyone’s Snapchat story even without being friends with them.

To see posts on Snap Maps you need to know their location, if their stories are public and posted on Snap Maps you will be able to see them.

1. View Someone Snapchat Stories With A Snapchat Account

You can view someone’s Snapchat story on a map in two ways. You can view stories with or without a Snapchat account.

Open the Snapchat app and tap the location icon on the bottom left of your screen. Find the location of the person whose story you want to view, then zoom to that location on the map.

From location, you will see different colored hotspots near the location, tap on it to see different snaps and if the person has added a snap you will be able to see if it is public.

2. View Someone Snapchat Stories Without An Account

You can view any story on Snap Maps without logging into a browser. Open your web browser and go to the official Snap Map link. In the message box popup, tap “Browse Map“.

Tap Search and click current location to see Snapchat stories of people around you here Grant location access and you can view local content around you.

4 Best Snapchat Story Viewer Apps

They work well if you want people to see their stories without telling them. For those who don’t want to use the manual method, you can view Snapchat stories online with a few online tools.

You can use these apps to view other people’s Snapchat stories.


SpyZie is one of the most popular apps to view Snapchat stories anonymously. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

Using SpyZie you can use it to track people’s activities on other social media platforms.


FlexiSpy will help to view people’s activities on various social media platforms. Also, you can use it to track people’s instant messages and SMS texts

You can use this app on iOS, Android devices and PC. Using the premium version of FlexiSpy will give you the best experience.


mSpy is one of the most popular and known spy apps. This allows you to see people’s activities.

You can use it to spy on other social media platforms besides Snapchat.


Coco Spy is one of the best spy apps, you can also use it on other social media platforms to track people’s activities anonymously.


This article teaches you how to view Snapchat stories anonymously by following simple steps. Manual and automatic methods are provided here for anonymous spying.

Now that you know the ways to view Snapchat stories anonymously by reading the article above, hopefully, use them wisely. And remember that all of these methods go against Snapchat’s Community Guidelines.


How to check how many times one person views your story?

You’re interested in knowing how many clicks a person gets on your post. But Snapchat doesn’t have a feature that keeps track of when a person views a story

The most information you can get is the viewer’s name, not the number of times they’ve viewed your story.

Can I View Snapchat Stories Without Being Friends?

Yes, you can view Snapchat stories without becoming friends using one of the methods we discussed You need to search for the person to view the story and to view the story if it is available to the public.

How Do You View A Snapchat Story Anonymously?

If the account is private, you can use another account to view the story, search for their name, and view their Snapchat stories without adding them as a friend or using a friend’s phone. You can also view stories by location using Snap Maps.

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