Top 5 ASX Uranium Stocks of 2022

The uranium market exploded in 2021, yet uranium stocks are still doing very well in 2022. Find the top ASX-listed uranium stocks in this article.

More than 50 ASX-listed uranium firms are active uranium miners or have some other connection to uranium production. Anyways.

Let’s talk about the Uranium Stocks ASX which can deliver significant gains in 2022 without wasting too much time.

What is uranium?

In addition to being used in nuclear bombs, uranium, a relatively heavy metal, is largely employed as a fuel for nuclear power.

One kilogram of uranium can generate 1,500 tonnes of coal’s worth of energy or around 20 terajoules.

Australia has the biggest uranium reserves in the world, which make up nearly one-third of the total.

What are the best uranium stocks ASX to buy?

Below the Investing News Network has listed the biggest uranium stocks on the ASX by market cap.

  1. Paladin Energy

Market cap: AU$2.69 billion; current share price: AU$0.96

Paladin Energy (ASX:PDN) is an independent uranium production and mining company from Western Australia whose goal is to be a reliable supplier of clean energy for the future.

The Company currently runs many projects around the globe mainly in south Africa, Australia, and their very popular Langer Heinrich mine in Namibia.

  1. Energy Resources of Australia

Market cap: AU$1.34 billion; current share price: AU$0.36

Energy Resources of Australia (ASX:ERA) has been one of the longest-running operating uranium oxide producers worldwide for more then 40 years. The company bills itself as a trustworthy supplier of fuel for the world’s nuclear power industry.

  1. Boss Energy

Market cap: AU$954.23 million; current share price: AU$2.98

According to Boss Energy (ASX:BOE), its Honeymoon project in South Australia is set to be the country’s next uranium producer.

  1. Lotus Resources

Market cap: AU$481.96 million; current share price: AU$0.39

Lotus Resources (ASX:LOT) is a uranium development company. Its work is centered on the Kayelekera uranium mine in Malawi, Africa, which was closed down due to prolonged low uranium prices.

  1. Deep Yellow

Market cap: AU$435.19 million; current share price: AU$1.13

Deep Yellow (ASX:DYL) is committed to becoming a high-output, cost-effective, tier-one uranium company. Its project portfolio in Namibia consists of three separate assets over a total of 1,685 square kilometers: the Reptile project, the Nova joint venture, and the Yellow Dune joint venture.

Does uranium have a future?

Yes, global demand for uranium is increasing day by day and there could be a supply shortage. so in 2022, Price of Uranium stocks could follow an uptrend. World Nuclear Association’s Nuclear Fuel Report shows a 27% increase in uranium demand over 2021-30.

Is uranium a good investment in 2022?

Yes, we are quite bullish on uranium stocks. Let’s hope for good. check out our website for the best uranium stocks ASX.

Is uranium a long term investment?

Uranium stocks offer long-term promise—here’s how to pick the best ones. Uranium stocks are shares in companies that explore for, mine and refine the metal uranium. Uranium’s long-term outlook is positive, but supply remains much higher than demand.

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