First images from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope show ancient galaxies

The photos show components of the universe as they were 13bn a long time back, reshaping how we might interpret the universe

The little cut of the universe, called SMACS 0723, has been caught in sharp detail by the James Webb space telescope (JWST).

Joe Biden, who revealed the picture at a White House occasion, referred to the second as "notable" and said it gave "another window into the historical backdrop of our universe".

"It's difficult to try and comprehend," said the US president. "It's surprising. It's a notable second for science and innovation, for America and all of mankind."

Charge Nelson, head of Nasa, said the picture showed the illumination of universes twisting around different cosmic systems, going for billions of years prior to arriving at the telescope.

The image release is an example of a series of high-resolution color images from JWST that will be presented to NASA on Tuesday.

"It is exciting to see the unique James Webb Telescope in images from space today," said Richard Ellis.