What does it mean when you are on the hiring list for USPS?

How long do you stay on the pre hire list for USPS?

On average, it can take anywhere from three to six months, from application to employment. If it’s been more than six months since you turned in an application, it’s probably safe to assume that you were declined for the position.

What does offer phase ext mean for USPS?

According to new hires and current employees of the Postal Service, Offer Phase Ext is the “home-stretch.” This means that you have successfully completed most of the recruitment process. Congratulations on that, because it wasn’t easy! You agree to be screened, take a drug test, and have your fingerprints taken.

What does pre-hire list?

What does pre-hire list?If you are notified that you are on the pre-hire list, it simply means you filled out your online application and have qualified to be put on an interview list.

What is pre-hire process?

A pre-hire assessment is a test or questionnaire that candidates complete as part of the job application process. Using a valid and professional assessment is an effective way to determine which candidates are the most qualified for a particular job based on their strengths and preferences.

What are the pre hire and offer phase ext for USPS?

The USPS Offer Phase Ext part of the hiring process is a very good sign for prospective employees. It means they really believe you would be a good fit for their team. During this phase, you usually wait for the USPS to do this, perform a background check, and get the drug test results.

What are the steps in the hiring process for USPS?

How do i apply for a job at the post office?

  1. #1 – Visit the USPS Website to set up an account.
  2. #2 – Begin to research available postal job openings. …
  3. #3 – Complete the online job application. …
  4. #4 – Successfully pass the examination.
  5. #5 – After the exam, you may be called to participate in a pre-employment interview.

Can I accept two conditional job offers USPS?

You will just have to wait to see which one approves you first, if at all. You might receive official employment by both and then you may choose which one you prefer.

Why does the USPS hiring process take so long?

It takes so long to start working at the post office because there is a lot of tests, and background tests that you have to do before you can start. They need to make sure you understand the full job and how important and confidential the job is.

What is the pay scale for USPS employees?

U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job TitleRangeAverage
Job Title:United States Postal Worker (Carrier)Range:$16 – $26Average:$19
Postal Service Mail CarrierRange:$16 – $26Average:$19
City Carrier AssistantRange:$16 – $19Average:$17
Mail HandlerRange:$14 – $25Average:$18

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