What does Zimabu Eter mean?

What does Zimabu Eter mean?

Zimabu Eter” is a phrase from the aliens’ Sumerian messages portrayed in the 2009 movie “The Fourth Kind.” Many people on various forums and sites have suggested numerous
Sumerian translations for this message, here are to mention some:

Soon nothing will remain
Help us
Kill everyone

According to other sources, if taken as two words, Zimabu Eter could possibly mean:

Zimabu Eter literally is “save zimabu!“, “take zimabu away!” or in a vocative sense “Zimabu! Save!

What is the owl in the fourth kind?

Abbey tapes hypnotherapy sessions with three patients who have the same experience: every night a white owl stares at them through their windows.

Where does the Fourth Kind take place?

Nome, Alaska
The Fourth Kind is, in so many ways, a really awful film. Directed by Olatunde Osunsanmi and released in the UK over the weekend, it purports to be a dramatic reconstruction of events that took place in the city of Nome, Alaska, involving the disappearance of local residents.

Is the 4th kind on Netflix?

The Fourth Kind was broadly dismissed by critics on release, and some of the criticisms do stand up. … The Fourth Kind leaves Netflix on January 1, 2022.

What is the true story of the fourth kind?

The Fourth Kind is a pseudodocumentary that re-enacts the true events that happened in a small town of Alaska. The film’s story revolves around the incident that occurred in 2005 in which some native men traveling from the smaller villages suddenly went missing.

What time do they wake up in the fourth kind?

“The Fourth Kind” is based on the testimony of a psychologist who found, circa 2000, that many of her patients reported waking at 3 a.m. with the sense that something was wrong and seeing an owl with its eyes on them.

How scary is the fourth kind?

This movie is pretty weird and creepy. It isn’t the best alien movie ever, but this one was good. There is a bloody stabbing scene, but the rest is not that violent. There is some swearing, but it’s not extremely bad.

How long is the fourth kind movie?

1h 38m

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